Why Do Us Cali-Folk Pay Sales Tax?

Crappy, right? I know. But I promise it's not a huge negative when compared to the awesome merchandise you receive from us.

The reason for this is because the production company we use is located in Los Angeles, California - while we are not located in California. Due to State law - any orders delivered to our California clientele incurs a 9.75% sales tax. We will be evaluating this going forward - with possible changes coming if we ever change production companies.

Ex. You buy one shirt from Robo-Apparel, and have it delivered to California:

T-Shirt = $20 USD + 9.75% = 21.95
Shipping = $5.50 USD
Total cost to you, cool cali-customer = $27.45 USD

See - told you it wasn't seriously negative. A rad product, for still less than you'd buy off the shelves, shipped right to your door.