About Robo-Apparel

Robo-Apparel is a clothing design company offering combat-inspired casual clothing to those who live a combat-inspired lifestyle. Whether you operate in the shadows, patrol a mountaintop, walk a beat, milsim your heart out, or just subscribe to a defensive mindset - these clothes are dedicated to you.

At Robo-Apparel, we also appreciate your feedback and suggestions at anytime. Feel free to use the contact form found on the Contact Us page or email us at info@robo-apparel.com - and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

How We Produce Our Product:

Currently, Robo-Apparel uses a drop-ship production company located in Los Angeles, California, USA. This method allows us to quickly serve our clientele across the world, without printing a bunch of up front stock. This keeps our prices fair, and quality high.

How We Ship Our Product:

The same company that prints our shirts, ships them for us too. AND handles returns - sweet! This allows for minimal shipping-time around the world. Once the shirt is done - no need to send to a warehouse; it's off to your door.